Halloween 2009

This year we went to the downtown Halloween walk, a local church festival, and then I took the kids out to the neighbors while Joe was working.

Sitting in the fire truck downtown!

Joci trying to get the ball in the hole at the church festival.

Eating popcorn at the festival-just finished winning cupcakes on the cake walk!! Yea!

Byron in his scary spider costume!! He was so hilarious--at the first neighbor we visited he said "Raahhh" instead of saying trick-or-treat. Too cute!!

Joci in her cat costume. Don't think she really liked it too much this year. The tutu was sticking to her velour leotard. She wanted a longer tail, and she kept moving the mask from her face so she could see. She's already decided that she wants to be Snow White for next year.

Posing for momma!

Posing in front of the big snowpile.

Mr. Rylan in the pack before we headed out to the neighbors. We didn't really dress him up this year. The giraffe costume we had from when Joci was a baby was too big for him. So, he just wore an orange "Little Pumpkin" sleeper and his hat that Grandma had bought him. Joci called him a pumpkin in his little orange sleeper. He fell asleep on our walk through the neighborhood.

They were really into going door-to-door this evening. They caught on quick--only houses with lights had candy. We could have visited some other houses in the cul-de-sac but it was starting to get cold, and they were walking slower and slower. We headed home, and they dumped out all their candy to look at what they got. Byron and I went through his candy. He'd pick up a piece ask "Does this have nuts?" and then threw it in his bag. He only had 3 pieces that he wasn't able to have--we traded with Joci. Of course, they ate some of their loot before bed.

Happy Halloween,

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