The kids have been sick this week---all week long. What a long week this has been!! Joci started with a fever on Monday, it was up to 103 during the middle of the night. Started giving her Tylenol 'round the clock. Her fever would not break, and she was getting chills and not eating on Tuesday. By Wednesday, decided to call the doctor to see what needed to be done. Took all the kids in.

Joci ended up having tonsillitis and an ear infection. Byron had some wheezing in his right lung-so we had to get a chest x-ray done. He also had wax build-up in his ear. Byron let the doctor dig around in his ear for a little bit to try to get the wax out. She told him that he had "green beans and corn in there". Too cute! Rylan had a little bit of a fever. All three ended up on antibiotics.

Joci's fever still had not gone down by Friday. We had a follow-up visit to check on Byron's wheezing and his ear. The doctor said that Byron had a little bit of pneumonia so he also prescribed a steroid to release some of the swelling on his lung. Byron let the doctor dig around in his ear again on Friday. I think he thought it was cool because he got to keep the "spoons" she used. Byron told the doctor that he had "beans and corn in there". She checked Joci out again-gave her new meds since her previous antibiotic was giving her ill side effects of vomiting and diarrhea. Joci was also given a steroid--her coughing had gotten alot worse.

She seems to be doing alot better today after taking her new meds. She is actually eating something--has only vomited once--has been up playing with Byron--and has been talking nonstop this evening. Lookin' like she is almost back to normal.

Hoping the next couple of days are alot better!

Rylan's throwing a major fit--that boy can not calm himself down at all. Better get to help him out.


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