Ribbon Lampshade

This is our craft that we did yesterday on our "No School" day due to snow. Joci had a tinkerbell lampshade but Byron broke it. Imagine that!! We kept the base, and I picked up this plain lampshade on clearance at her store (Wal-Mart) for $3.00. Start with your plain lampshade.

Next, dump ribbon on the freezer so the kids can pick out which ones they like. It's really Joci's lamp, but we had to make Byron feel like he was helping too. Start taking your ribbon and tying it in a double knot around the lampshade. I think a round lampshade would be easier to work with, but there weren't any round ones on clearance. So we made due. I didn't buy any extra ribbon for this project. I used from my stash, and sadly, we didn't even make a dent in it.

After you have all your ribbon tied on that you want, this is what it looks like. I haven't fray checked the ends of the ribbon yet--mainly because I couldn't find the bottle in my mess (imagine that)!

Here's the finished product!!! Ta Da!! Didn't like the blue base at first, and had it on my list to spray paint it white, but the blue is beginning to grow on me. I think we'll leave it for the time being as I have enough projects to complete already.


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