Patriotic Decor

I haven't put a single item up for the 4th this year. Oh, I've thought about it, but have never gotten around to it. Besides, I think all my decorations are in a box in the garage in storage, and it's too dang hot to go out there digging through the boxes to find some decorations which will be taken done in a month. Someday I will go all out; when my kids are all grown and can do for themselves, such as making their own lunch, doing their own laundry, etc. etc. etc.

I haven't even done something as simple as hanging a flag. Why? Well, I don't even own one. Shame on me! Especially since my husband has served in the Marine Corps for several years. I haven't even bought one because 1) he's so particular about where it needs hung--how far from the ground, is there a light on it at night, etc. etc. etc., and I'm sure I would definitely forget about the little flag hanging outside during the dark without the proper lighting. Maybe I'll just have to get over those fears, and go get one today!

Love the banners hanging from this porch.

I can think of some places I would add more flags--on the railing by the stone pathway.

One of my favorites!!! I love the vintage banner look, and the house too!

This by far is my favorite!!! Not sure if it's because I love the house so much, or just the decor.

Happy 4th!!!



  1. We have the same taste in everything!! Can u say we must be related!! :0)

  2. Love the pictures Tonya! The 4th has got to be one of my favorite holidays. Thanks for the pictures.
    Thinking of you


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