When it rains, it pours......

This weekend has been a disaster here....

$$$$ Friday evening we had tornadic (is that a word? It is I just found it on Webster's online.) activity with high winds blowing off some shingles, and bending our soffitt material which still needs put up. With this being said, we didn't realize our deductible was so high $3200 because we are in what the insurance company considers a high risk area of wind and hail. I guess should have checked into that sooner. So, we may not even be making a claim depending on how much the insurance adjusters figure. Can you say ch-ching?

$$$$ Now that the roof needs replaced-our house will not be put on the market anytime too soon as we had hoped it would be.

$$$$ We did have to take Byron to urgent care on Saturday for his rash on his face---ended up costing us a $30 copay and $16 in meds.

$$$$ Joe now has to buy a special tool to repair this "piece" in the garage that he volunteered himself to work on. This car has been nothing but trouble since he's started. We just want it done, and out of the garage; but that's probably going to be another 2 weeks before that happens.

$$$$ The vacuum cleaner decided to die on us this weekend. It has no suction, and wouldn't you know that Byron dumped chips on the floor this weekend.

With that being said, our budget has just gone out the window for the next month or two!!!


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