Baby Update

Thursday 7/9/09 Baby Update: Blood pressure is stable as long as I'm laying down; however, my protein levels have doubled in 5 days. Right now, doctors are saying that it looks like next week sometime (34 weeks); as it looks as if it is more than pregnancy-induced hypertension and moving on to preclampsia. Prayers are needed for a safe delivery without seizures or stroke, and that Baby is as healthy as can be and in the NICU as little as possible.

Monday 7/6/09 Baby Update: Had a doctor's visit this morning--my blood pressure is still a little high. My 24 hour protein test looked good-no kidney problems. For the time being, they have put me on blood pressure medication with bedrest. I will go in again on Wed. & do another 24 hour test., and then on Fri. for monitoring. So far, it looks like it is just pregnancy-induced hypertension.

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