Another Baby Update

Baby Update: Tuesday 7/14/09 We're still hanging on-doing another 24 hour protein test; have another doctor's visit on Friday. Blood pressure was high yesterday(due to some long wait time in the office; over an hour--believe it was a problem with one of the nurses). They put me back in the hospital for 3 hours to get bp back down. Think we have the wait time in office fixed, as doctor-on-call wasn't too happy about it yesterday, & he said he'd have a talk with the ladies in the office today. The doctor-on-call told me to tell the ladies at the front desk that I am not supposed to wait long, because it makes Dr. Trierweiler very upset!!

The OB/GYN office is a very large office compared to my single doctor with Joci and Byron. This office has 4 doctors-they require the patient to rotate with all the doctors so that they are familiar with them, and then the office has 3 PA's also. So, you can imagine, there are approximately 7 nurses in the office, and a lab lady (which I see quite frequently for my tests)-she has my name and height memorized!

My visit on Tuesday was with a PA that I haven't seen before, and thus, a nurse that I hadn't seen before. I don't think the nurse had a clue as to what was going on as she was asking me questions, such as "Is this a scheduled visit?", and "Are you having problems?" Well, duh! I wanted to say "Do your job & read my chart!", but I held my tongue.

Now, don't get me wrong--not all the nurses are like that. I see 2 excellent nurses out of the office that know what's going on!! They see me, and I am right in to the room. After my visit on Tuesday, I am back to seeing those 2 nurses with the 2 doctor's that I have been seeing regularly.

Baby Update: Friday 7/17/09 Doctor's visit went well this morning!! Fluid level is great, baby looks great, blood pressure is about the same, and protein levels actually went down!!! Next visit on Tuesday! Now time to go lay on the couch & read, read, read some more.



  1. Were thinking of u!!
    Mandy Beau Marcus and Campbell's!

  2. Go Trierweiler! :) Glad that won't happen again. Hang in there.


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