Another Baby Update

7/22/09 Baby Update: Had a growth sonogram done yesterday! Baby looks good; measures 5 lbs. 4 oz. +/- 1 lb.--we're hoping it's +1lb. Have to do another 24 hour protein test before I return on Friday. Blood pressure was still a little high, but hopefully that was due to me not taking my meds on schedule.

7/24/09 Baby is still hanging in there & doing great---my blood pressure is skyrocketing again (dialostic was 121 & then went down to 109 before I left the office). The doctor added more bp meds on top of what I am already taking to see if it helps. He's hoping I can hang on for 2 more weeks. My next appt. is on Tuesday--I'll update then.

7/28/09 Hopefully only 2 more weeks on bed rest. We are at 36 weeks as of yesterday!! Blood pressure was high (as normal)--switching some meds around, doing another 24 hour protein test; baby looks good and is still growing! Doctor said baby is going to be a little small--smaller than Byron--aren't most babies smaller than my 9 lb. boy?

My next appointment is on Friday afternoon. Joe will be roofing the house, and going into the hospital will mess up his plans a little. I'm not sure he will be thrilled about the change in plans, even if it means the baby will be coming.


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  1. Thanks for the update! We are thinking about you!!


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