it's not a race

The weekends seem to be super busy.
I'm not sure with what though since the kids' activities are all during the week.
Maybe it's because I'm at home all day with the kids homeschooling, so I try to cram in all that I need/want to get done into those 2 days that Joe is also home.
Hence, my blog schedule has been a little inconsistent to my liking.

I have another long to-do list for this weekend as next week is twice as busy since we're preparing for a vacation.

I have:

-Halloween bags to sew
-headbands to make
-lesson plans to complete
-to clear off the desk
-laminate some school items
-help J with some sewing lessons to complete a project
-laundry to wash
-take the kids costume shopping, or make their chosen costume
-and on, and on, and on.

It never seems to end, but I'm trying to let some of it go. To not have to race to get the list finished before the end of the day. To just be with the kids even if that means I'm knitting outside in a chair, while they're running around outdoors. To give them time and more attention than in the past. A good reminder to do just that from my favorite blogger.

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