i want to remember....

Parenting is hard at times.
Parenting is rough some days.
Those good parenting days far outweigh the bad.
So, I want to remember the good in our days.

I want to remember....

-the fun we had doing a rocket science activity for family night instead of watching a movie. Movies are good for some nights, just not every night of the month. :) Tonight, it was bug bingo!

-the kids' inquisitive nature. They way they asked questions, and "got it".

-their excitement over Dad being able to blow up a water bottle with a little baking soda and vinegar.

-that Soph likes to eat. All day long, even when she should be full.

-those days that school is done without horsing around, or grumbling.

-Sophie's focus on putting tiny stickers on a piece of paper at church. That activity kept her busy for 20-30 minutes off and on.

-Joe using his Friday evening to put on a dryer belt instead of relaxing on the couch.

-that Rylan told me "You yelled at me a lot of times, and you didn't say you were sorry." Thankful for kids who call me out when I've done wrong.

-the night I couldn't contain my laughter over Joci's words  "I didn't toot. Maybe the sheets stink."

I want to remember.....that the days are long, but the years are short.

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