in the last week

We managed to get 7 1/2" of snow Tuesday, and the school district cancelled school the next day. Now, that is a small miracle around here! Of course it didn't affect the bigs---Mom was a meanie and made them have school that day anyways. We have lots to catch up from not doing school while in China.

The kids didn't ask to go out in it once. Being the bad momma that I am, I also didn't mention it to them. Do you know how long it takes to get 4 kids bundled up to play in the snow? Too, too long. Then to have to deal with the mess of it afterwards. I just didn't want to deal with it that day. They were content staying inside, so I just let them be.

They did decide to play outdoors 2 days later when the snow was a melting mess. A win for me. I didn't have to mess with snow pants nor boots.

My plants don't seem to be doing well.  Joe says they know what's coming for them at the end of April. Haha....he's funny. Every time we move, I lose all my plants. I'm determined to have at least one alive, and thriving in the new house. More would be great, but they're not looking so hot.

Speaking of plants, I have the urge to buy more, but I'm waiting until we're settled again.

I managed to do about 5 loads of laundry. We won't talk about the pile that's still standing.

Owen still manages to make into our bed every night. We've also noticed he's been snoring, so it looks like we'll be making a visit to the ENT soon. We're guessing this is why he's waking up every evening and coming into our room.

I managed to start and finish reading two non-fiction books. Hmm....I'm thinking this could be a reason why I still have a laundry pile.

Happy weekend friends!!

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