in the last week

{Yes, I took this picture!!}

I packed baby bottles and size 2 diapers in the suitcase. Size 2!

We bought the two older kids their winter coats. On sale, of course.

I've thought about starting to sew Joci's Halloween costume.

We've taken R to speech therapy 3 times, and we have been using those 30 minute waiting times to do some schoolwork (mainly read alouds).

If stacked all together in a small 12" square, our dirty laundry would be taller than myself. #workingonthatthisweekend

Out of the mouth of babes this week: "Me have a wiener. Mommy have a wiener too?"

Joe applied for a position in Kansas with the same company. Thus, moving closer to family is expected to be in our future-sometime.

Rylan & Owen both have ended up in our bed at least 4 times. Rylan always says "I had a bad dream." When asked about it in the morning, he tells us it was about a bear.

Joe painted the garage with a little help from the kids. He also tore/cut out all the pipes to the old heater system, tore out a closet to access the crawl space under the house, and cut down the boards from the closet to build a new garden fence.  #hardworker #proudwife

Happy Friday friends!!


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