consulate appointment

{China day 12.......November 18th}

Today we had our appointment at the US Consulate, which doesn’t allow electronic devices of any kind. So, no photos. We were allowed to take in a clear bag with our supplies. Imagine 4 passports, formula dispenser, a bottle, bib, a diaper, wipes, and a small toy shoved in a gallon Ziploc bag.

The building was fenced in, and access was only allowed by a guard at the gate checking passports. After we were allowed in the gate, we formed a line to go through a security checkpoint. Two lines were formed outside the building before the checkpoint. One line for adoptive families, which was moving very quickly, and another very, very long non-moving line for Chinese citizens waiting to gain a visa to the US. Several Chinese citizens were also standing outside the gates waiting for access from the guards.

We walked in with our daughter, and in a matter of two hours or less, she had her paperwork complete to obtain her visa to travel. We walked back out of the building, and the same people standing in the Chinese line were still there. Still standing. Still waiting.

All I can think about are those citizens going day after day waiting hours and hours to obtain a visa to the land of freedom. So heart-breaking.


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