guangzhou chimelong xiangjiang safari park

{China day 11......November 17th}

Today we went to the Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park.
We took a tram ride through part of the zoo to see the larger animals for about 45 minutes.
Then we went by foot for the rest of the day.

Dinosaur world~my two little boys would have loved this!

The dinosaurs were realistic-looking with sounds and other side effects, such as spitting water.


A panda just had a set of baby triplets this year.

One of the baby triplets

Another baby triplet

Joci was sad that we missed the 3rd baby. Apparently she was snuggled up to her momma.

It was a great zoo. One of the best we've seen!
We had a great day, but it would have been better if these two monkeys were here with us.


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