Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City

{China Day 2......November 8th}

We toured for half the day to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

It was a warmer day in Beijing, and very crowded with tourists and locals.

One of the "gates" to the city

Part of the line to see Chairman Mao's memorial.
It was amazing to see how long the line was despite his death was over 38 years ago.
Our guide, Lily, stated that the line is that long everyday.
Wow-what an influence he was on the People's Republic of China.

She wanted her picture taken in front of the rose bowl.
It is not normally on display, but China just had it's national holiday in early October.

Several picture-taken opportunities again today.
Joci said "Yesterday we were popular. Today, we're movie stars Byron."

The water show goes off every hour.

After Tiananmen Square, we walked to the Forbidden City.
Our guide said, "a place where commoners were not allowed."

A 400 year old tree

Next stop was another family style lunch. 
You can see pictures here from the Palumbo family (the family we're traveling with all week).

to be continued,

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