jade market and hutong lane

{China day 1 continued......November 7th}

After our trip to the Great Wall, our agency took us to a restaurant for lunch.

Three different families were at our table. One family from New Jersey, whom we will be traveling with for the entire trip, and another family from Utah, whom we'll see again on Saturday. Lunch was very good. They served the meal family-style on a large lazy susan. Fried fish, watermelon, a sweet and sour chicken, some sort of noodles, rice, and several other dishes that I can't remember. Oh, and French fries for the "western" children. I think that was a hit at our table.

After lunch, we were given a little tour of Jade working, and then were able to browse and purchase around the store.  We were told Jade comes in many different colors, even purple, which Joci was excited about.

The chain on this ship was made from one piece of jade.

This ball was incredible! It was actually composed of four balls total; all intricately designed inside of each other. Again all made from one piece of jade. A smaller ball they demonstrated with took 27 days to complete, so I can't imagine how many days this one took.

After making purchases, the next stop was Hutong Lane.

I have to say that even though the Great Wall was amazing, traveling by rickshaw through Hutong Lane was right up there for me. I was able to see into a small community and their way of life.

Hutong Lane means "narrow alley" or "narrow street".
It was a little chilly for the kids, and B happened to loose his jacket somewhere in our last airport terminal.
I took just a few pictures. I felt in inappropriate to take more as I felt I was invading their space.

Our agency arranged for us to visit a local family in Hutong Lane.
The house we visited had been in the family for 4 generations.

The house owner had stopped working to stay at home with their daughter 5 or 6 years ago. Her husband is an antiques collector. So, for the family to continue to generate income, she allows local tours and will fix a traditional meal for others.

As a momma, I know and value the type of sacrifices she has made to be able to keep the house and to be home with her daughter.


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