Wind Cave National Park

*If you haven't noticed, I've been absent again. We took a trip to Kansas for a family reunion almost 2 weeks ago. I'm just now getting back into the groove of blogging.  I still have some pictures to share from our South Dakota trip, and lots of other fun stuff.

We've been on a few cave tours in our short life.

The Wind Cave, however, was not a favorite of mine.

I loved hearing the guide talk about the history of the cave, especially Alvin McDonald's explorations in the cave.

Boxwork in the Wind Cave.

This is why the cave wasn't a favorite of mine. Do you see the space you have to walk through? I don't like tight spaces. I don't like feeling trapped. At one point, Joe asked me how I was doing. Fine, as long as we just kept moving.

Rylan trying not to touch the side of the cave. It was inevitable. I bumped the side with my arm at one point. Owen was carried quite a bit of the time.

The Wind Cave was an interesting cave. If you're not fearful of enclosed spaces, then you'll be fine and enjoy the tour.


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