May Reading Update

During May, I completed three books.

~The first book was a free Kindle book Lies That Make You Pay & Truths That Set You Free: A Mother's Guide to the Simple and Frugal Life by Rachel Norman.

Norman has some good points in her book, such as "We should start cultivating an attitude that doesn't let other people's business dictate our own."

"Simplicity is not getting rid of things you use, but getting rid of the things you don't." I completely agree with this statement. I've been packing up boxes and boxes of things we don't use. Clothes that are stained, puzzles with missing pieces, pieces of fabric, sewing notions and stuffed animals are just a few of the items that we don't use in our household.

A few more statements from Norman's writing that caught my eye:
"One of the biggest struggles living on less and the process of becoming frugal is to tame our wants."
"It's about knowing what's important, working toward our goals, and being willing to toss aside the things that slow us down."

I rate this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars.
VintageHC C
~The second book I read this month was Vintage: A Novel by Susan Gloss. Vintage is Gloss' first novel "centered around a Midwestern vintage clothing shop and and a group of women who eventually transform the store and each others' lives."

"At Hourglass Vintage in Madison, Wisconsin, every item in the boutique has a story to tell . . . and so do the women who are drawn there."

I was so intrigued with this book that about a quarter of the way through I had to look up the author to see what else she wrote so that I could get it on my to-read list. I was a little let down that Vintage was Gloss' first novel, because I was looking forward to reading more books from her.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

~The third book I read this month was Summer of the Midnight Sun (Alaskan Quest #1) by Tracie Peterson. The Alaskan Quest series is the sequel to the Yukon Quest Series that I completed in February.  "Leah and her brother, Jacob, are happily living in the Alaskan Territory. Confronted by an old flame, Leah realizes her feelings never went away and she is whisked away on an unforgettable journey."

I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

*On my to-read shelf: Under the Northern Lights by Tracie Peterson, Whispers of Winter by Tracie Peterson, three souls by Janie Chang, and Hands Free Mama by Rachel Stafford.

2014 Reading List
1. Rivers of Gold (February)
2. Shadowed by Grace: A Story of the Monuments Men (February)
3. One Farm Woman (March)
4. Inspiration to Pay Off Debt (March)
5. Canteen Dreams (April)
6. Sandhill Dreams (April)
7. Captive Dreams (April)
8. Lies That Make You Pay & Truths That Set You Free: A Mother's Guide to the Simple and Frugal Life (May)
9. Vintage: A Novel (May)
10. Summer of the Midnight Sun (Alaskan Quest #1) (May)

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