Summer Activities

School is out in 2 days for summer!!

I'm trying to be a little more prepared this summer with our activities list.

I've been scouring Pinterest for lots of ideas.

Here's 10 ideas that are on our to-try list for the summer.

1- Water Balloon Pinata

2- Rain Painting

3- Slide Painting

4- Rainbow Wind Chimes

5- Balloon Experiments with Candy

6- Water Balloon Painting

7- Art Eruptions

8- Water Gun Painting

9- Sponge Bombs

10- Yogurt Popsicles

Check out more summer activities here!


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  2. Thanks for linking up! So glad you stopped by - Would love to connect with you via Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest~ Looking forward to getting to know you and your beautiful on-line space!


  3. Thanks for linking up! I love the balloon/candy idea!

    Becky @bybmg


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