Five Favorite Graduation Gift Ideas

Do you have graduation announcements flooding your mailbox? Luckily, we only have one graduation present to gift this year. Here are five gift ideas for those graduates in your life.

On to our Next Adventure - Red Tote

I love me a good tote bag!! This one is cute to boot, and only $20. Go grab one for your favorite graduate.

What graduate wouldn't love a comfy t-shirt?
3. Cash
Enough said.
The Total Money Makeover
Sad, but true~I could have used this as a graduation gift. Those student loans were killers for me.

A daily devotional to keep the graduate inspired, and in the word of Jesus.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes to Dave Ramsey! Especially since as I was walking across campus as a freshman, there were credit card vendos giving out tshirts and pizza to anyone who would sign up.


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