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Around Here Joe & I are planning a little getaway for our 20th in a couple of months.
Originally, we were not going to go anywhere because we expected to be in China around that time. However, that is not the case.
So, I got a little crazy this week {I blame it on the stress of not having a match yet.}, and
decided we should talk about taking a little week vacation for our anniversary.
Especially since once the little one gets here
we won't be traveling anywhere without her for quite awhile.
File:Bodie Island Lighthouse, July 2007.jpg

We decided we'd better stay in the states
since our time is limited, and our trip is only 2 months out.
I choose a couple of places~Virginia & Seattle.
He choose a couple of places~Vermont, Georgia, & North Carolina.
As of last night, we have settled upon North Carolina.
We're familiar with the area, since we lived there when we were first married almost 20 years ago.
I always wanted to see the Outer Bank lighthouses.
We never managed to travel much while living there due to limited funds, schedules, and young stupidity {thinking we'll always have time later}.
Eno Park Footbridge.jpg
We'll be doing lots of driving with just the two of us.
We're going to travel completely around the state.
It'll be fun, and a nice time with just the two of us
celebrating all that we've accomplished in our 20 years of marriage.
Like our 4+ kiddos, 7 moves, and 5 states in 20 years.

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