Newport Beach

On our big vacation to California, we also took a day to visit the beach.  We visited Newport Beach! It was a great beach experience~not crowded, clean sand, and easy access to the beach.

Most of my pictures were of B.  He is our little beach bum.  You'll see he's holding his mouth closed so he doesn't get a taste of saltwater.  After our trip, he told us Lake Michigan was his favorite beach so far. We're guessing because he didn't like the saltwater.

Big sister spent most of her time playing in the sand.

 Cousin time.....

 My brother and Mr. J
 Little miss  and R enjoying the sand.

 O didn't spend anytime in the water.  He ran around, and played in the sand with his cousin.

 Baby L trying to stay out of the sand and the sun.
Joe getting some time out on the water.

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