Disneyland Vacation

We took a big family vacation to Disneyland this year.  We spent one day at Disney, one day at the beach, and one day at Disney California Adventure Park.  The rest of the time we stayed at our rental house enjoying the pool.

I had fun, but looking back I felt like I needed to lower my expectations.  We didn't ride near as many rides as I had expected to and that was a disappointment to myself.  Disneyland was very busy, and the lines were long.  Disney California Advent.ure Park was slower-paced and had shorter lines, but not as many rides for the little boys.  It was hot, as to be expected.  Owen would not ride any rides unless he was able to be held.  When the kids can all walk on their own and stay up later than their normal bedtimes without "grouchies" in the morning we may attempt to go back. 

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