I've read 1 book this summer; actually only 1 book for the year.  I'm not finished reading it yet, but it sure is a good read!!!  So good in fact, that I am taking the challenge--to count 1000 gifts.

It's hot. It's the middle of summer.  And me, the girl coming from Nebraska of hot summers (with not much humidity) has lived here for a little over a year now.  Originally from Kansas, the land of humidity and heat, you'd think I'd be used to these sweat, drenching, smeltering summer days, but I'm not.  The Lord has me here---for my appointed time---and so I wait and count.  Counting the Thousand Gifts---gifts I have, gifts I've been blessed with, gifts I love.  I count because I have to. Because I need to--to survive summer.

#1: flip-flops
#2: pink & white blooming peonies I planted last year
#3: summer camp for the kids :0)
#4: slobbery kisses
#5: ice cream cones
 #6: fireflies dancing in the night
#7: cut flowers just because from Joe

#8: air conditioning
#9: Diet Coke
#10: the way Rylan says turbines ("burbines")
#11: Joci singing "I'll fly away o' glory" while playing
#12: Rylan's sparkly blue eyes

#13:  Owen clapping his little hands together
#14:  Byron's quiet ways
#15:  alone time with Joe
#16: cicadas "singing" in the night
#17: their pure excitement of being at the beach

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