Little Bits of Life 30

1.  Joe is gone for the week.

2.  We've been eating out lots this week.

3.  I have made healthier choices for myself from the menus.

4.  Can you say "bad mommy"?

5.  Owen's now 8 months old!!!

6.  He still nurses 3-4 times a day, but is eating many solid foods.

7.  Since he's on solids, I decided that I can now start dieting and start losing all that extra weight.

8.  I have a new friend.

9.  Let me introduce my new friend, my fitness pal.

10.  You can find me under "ruffledraspberry" if you'd like to add me as a friend.

11.  I started the couchto5k program about 6 weeks ago, BUT I fell off the bandwagon.

12.  I decided to get my eating under control, and then start the running back up in a few weeks or so.

13.  This program seems to be working for me, and it's even free {the best part}!!!

14.  Did I mention Joe's gone this week??

15.  We had some very high winds come through one of the nights he was gone.

16.  I let all the kids sleep in my bed in case I had to shuffle them all to the bathtub.

17.  That wind scared the heebie-jeebies out of me.

18.  Does anyone use that word anymore?

19.  The house is a mess.

20.  I'm gonna do some mad dash cleaning on Thursday & Friday.

21.  Byron & I started reorganizing my fabric yesterday.

22.  We're organizing by color.

23.  I have about 10 things that I NEED to sew and cross off my to-do list.

24.  Joci currently has 3 loose teeth.

25.  Byron has been extremely sensitive this week.

26.  And, he's all about helping in the kitchen.

27.  He's not all about helping clean up his messes in the kitchen though.

28.  Joci decided to give up candy for Lent this year.

29.  She hasn't cheated, or made a mistake as she calls it, once.

30.  I, on the other hand, completely forgot and popped a gummy bear in mouth!! 

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