Just a Regular Ol' Monday......

***This was a recap of our Monday from last week.***

Other than it's 2 days, or is it 1 day, after daylight savings time, 
it's just a regular ol' Monday around these parts.

I let Joci sleep in this morning, which means we are taking her to school.
We have to head that way for an appointment for one of the boys.

Joci is whiny because she didn't like the outfit I chose for her to wear to school today.
Yes, I still choose her outifts some days.

Rylan is throwing a little fit because he can't wear his new "Pidoht" (aka Spiderman) slippers.  
He decides he's going to wear the cloth batman diaper.
Fine, just make a mental note to change him before too long, and
I finally convince him to take his slippers with us in his Spiderman backpack.

Byron doesn't want to eat breakfast because he's not hungry.

Even though I've given Joci 3 different choices for breakfast, 
it still takes her 10 minutes to decide what she's going to eat.

We head out the door, managed to get buckled, and have 30 minutes to get to school on time.
Yes!! I won't have to fly down the narrow county roads to beat the bell.
I turn on the van, and hear a little "ding".
Well, crap!! I forgot we needed to stop and get gas.
The gas pumps are extra slow in these parts, so 
I decide to just get enough gas to get us by for the moment. 

Rylan's whining and yelling at me from his seat.
"Mom hurt, Mom hurt".
I look back and he's rubbing his eye. 
His eye is looking a little pink and swollen.
Great--another appointment to make.
Somehow, I manage to get Joci to school on time.

The boys and I stop at Joe's office to make a copy of our driver's licenses.  
I need copies of the licenses to get Owen's birth certificate.
I know, he's 8 months old, and I still haven't gotten his official birth certificate.
While there I call the doctor's office and make Rylan an appointment for his eye.
I make it for 10:40 am, which leaves an hour and 20 minutes for Byron's dentist appointment.
Score 1 for me!!!!  Way to be efficient with my time!!  

After our little stop at Dad's office, we are on our way to take B to his dentist appointment.
Or so I thought.
It turns out that his dentist appointment is actually next Monday, 
which resulted in a melt-down in the office because 
he didn't want to leave without getting a prize out of the treasure pirate's chest.

There's too much time to spare in-between Rylan's appointment,
so we drive back home.  
It's raining here today.
The bottom of my pants are wet; 
too wet to wear anymore.
My other 2 pairs are dirty.
I decide to throw the ones I'm wearing in the dryer.
I manage to eat some breakfast while typing most of this blog post.
I decide I'll have 1 of the last 2 ice cream sandwiches and a Diet Coke. 
I'll have 1070 calories left for lunch and dinner.   
I slice the other ice cream sandwich in half and give it to the boys.
Normally, they would be upset because they don't get a full one,
but today they are zoned out in front of Scooby-Doo.

Less than an hour has passed, and now it's time to get back in the van and go to Rylan's appointment.
I haven't finished my Diet Coke yet, and take it with me.
It was a nice little drive over to the town.  
No screaming, no crying, and no whining.
Just running a tad late.
I whip into the doctor's office, and 
what do you know??
My Diet Coke can decides to fall out of the cup holder, and 
spill half of it's contents onto my carpet. 
Well, @$%^!!!

We rush into the doctor's office, and wait a few minutes for our turn.
While waiting, Byron tells me "Umm, I think Rylan peed his pants."
He's not wearing underwear.
Lightbulb moment.
Nope, but he is wearing that cloth batman diaper which doesn't seem to hold too much urine.
Well,  I change his diaper but I didn't bring an extra pair of pants 
so he's just going to have to wear the wet ones. 
He doesn't seem to mind or notice at all!

Finish at the doctor's office....
no pink eye, no infection, 
just looks a little irritated, swollen, and could be scratched 
(from sand particles from playing in the sandbox this weekend)
but she couldn't see any scratches today.  
Just to be safe, he has an ointment to use for the next couple of days.

Met Joe for lunch at Subway,
used 330 more calories for lunch.  
Now, I have 740 calories left for snacks and dinner.
What am I making for dinner again??

We drive back home to grab B's snack and some clean clothes for school.
We have a few minutes to spare before preschool starts,
so we go get the newspaper from last week and pick up R's antibiotic cream.
R falls alseep in the van while dropping Byron off, and Owie's almost asleep.
I decide to drive around for 5 more minutes to see if Owie will take a nap.
Success!!! Both boys are asleep, I pull in the driveway, 
get Rylan out, take him inside to lay on the couch.  
I go back outside to bring Owie in and the little stinker has woken up.
So much for exercising today.....

Thankfully our afternoon was just a boring, ol' afternoon!!!

Oh, and that $15 of gas I got this morning, is gone.  
Note to self:  I need to get gas again before I go anywhere tomorrow.

P.S. I still haven't sent off for Owen's birth certificate.

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