Tree farm

This year we went to a tree farm down the road to get our Christmas tree.
It was a rainy and gloomy day.
We pulled up to the tree lot and saw some trees already cut.  
Joe and I liked "him" from the start,
but we thought we'd walk around to make sure and 
let the kids have a tree farm experience. 

Looking for the perfect tree!

 Found a bird's nest in a tree.

I think his words were "Look Mom!  I've found the perfect tree."

We ended up getting the first tree we saw when we pulled up.  
It was a Canaan fir.
Shipped in to the local farm.
The local farm  is only allowed to grow pines.

The kids are watching the tree do a little dance.
The tree got a shakedown to remove debris and loose needles.

Even though it was rainy and cool that day, 
the kids had a good time.
They went home from the tree farm with 
a cookie, a candy cane, a coloring book,
a Christmas tree, 
and a new experience.

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