Christmas Giving

This year I tried to get the kids to focus on the joy of giving more (gifts) than getting gifts this year.
It was still difficult for them to understand some concepts, 
such as where are the little boys and girls that are getting the shoebox presents.

 We packed shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.
We dropped money in the salvation army kettles several times this season.
We gave gifts to teachers, librarians, secretaries, coaches, and bus drivers.
We gave gifts to the toy boxes (for needy families) located at both of the schools and Joe's work.
I had grand plans of baking cinnamon rolls for the 5 neighbors in our area,
for local firefighters, and for our priest.  
Those grand plans went by the wayside this year; 
I just did not have enough time to get it all done.
There's always next year, and 
next year, they'll understand even a little better!!
Pictures of packing our shoeboxes:

 Pictures of dropping our shoeboxes off:

Pictures of delivering a bag of toys to the box at Daddy's work:


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