Little Bits of Life 26

1. We've been back from vacation for about 3 weeks now.

2. I'm still trying to unpack some boxes amidst all the chaos and mothering of 4 little ones. 4--it's still hard to believe that we have four!!

3. Joci has started dance already. Her 3rd class is this week.
She's in a class of 4--hopefully lots will be learned this year.

4. Byron starts soccer practice next week,
and the games start 2 weeks after that.
Joci's coach hasn't called yet, but her games will start the same time as Byron's.

5. We had open house for Joci's school last week.
She is attending the Catholic school, and her teacher is Mrs. Kuhlman.
Today was her 2nd day of school.

Source: via Ellie on Pinterest

6. Byron starts preschool after Labor day.

7. Byron is going to try a martial arts class.
It's about 31 miles away, and 2 nights a week.
Our concern is that he might get bored with the class going twice a week.

8. I'm still not unpacked from vacation completely.
I have 2 bags of stuff crap to put away.

9. Joci starts PSR classes in 2 weeks. Our calendar is filling up fast.
I'm hoping that we will have 2 nights a week with nothing scheduled.
So far, Tuesday's and Friday's are open.
I'll put a post up of our evening schedule soon.

10. Rylan has a stomach bug or some allergy issues going on today. So, time for me to get off and get some things done in case it turns into a fever and he just wants held all day.

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