Joci's Birthday Party with Friends

Joci had a small birthday party with friends at the local bead store. For the activity, they designed and made their own bracelet. The party was a hit--the girls liked being able to make their own bracelet and wear it home. They even had left-over beads to make another bracelet at home.

**The only blah thing was that the room was small, and as you can tell, the lighting was horrible in there.

Joci helping her friend Kaylee.
Poor Kaylee fell and scraped up her nose a couple of days earlier.

Ally stringing her beads.

Byron making his bracelet.

Joci and her cupcake cake!!

Just blew out the candles!

Messy chin

Maggie eating her cupcake.

Rylan!! Can you tell he enjoyed his cupcake?

Opening gifts...

Joci was so good about letting Byron help her open her gifts!!! He wanted to help open every single present.

Joci and her friends!!

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