Easter Pictures

This Easter we were fortunate to attend several Easter egg hunts. The boys attended 2 morning hunts while Joci was in school, and then on Easter they all attended an egg hunt at a friend's house. We also did a hunt here, but what photos I did capture of them were dark. Either a)my camera setting was wrong, or b)it was because it was actually about 5:00 pm and cloudy.

He had it figured out after the first egg!!

The 2nd Easter Egg Hunt
It was cold outside that day.

The 3rd Easter Egg hunt

This girl was like the wind; I could not get any good pictures of her at all.

Easter baskets
Yes, the Easter bunny did not have colored grass.
She had to use what was available---packing peanuts.
In their baskets:
bug box, bug net, magnifying glass, bugs, bubbles, package of mini chocolate eggs, Lindt chocolate rabbit, and a Lindt chocolate carrot
To share: they got a butterfly habitat; we'll order the larvae once we get to Ohio

2011 Easter picture

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