I don't feel guilt........

Yesterday I shared with you my "Mommy Guilt".
Today I'm sharing my "non-mommy guilt".

I don't feel guilt because
~I send the boys to daycare at least once a week (sometimes more)
because I know this is what I need to keep my sanity while Joe is gone.

I don't feel guilt because
~I put the kids to bed at 6:30 pm when it's still light outside
because I know they need that much sleep,
and if they don't get it, then they are bears!!

I don't feel guilt because
~I've been getting rid of some of the kids' toys
because they have plenty.
I'm sure Joe and I didn't even have as many as they do
and we turned out just fine by our standards.

I don't feel guilt because
~I got to lick the cake batter bowl all to myself last night.
I know I really shouldn't be since it has raw eggs in it and
I'm pregnant but it was delicious.

I don't feel guilt because
~I'm going to the library alone this week to pick out the kids' books
because I know what I can/cannot handle at this moment.

I don't feel guilt because
~while the boys are at daycare today, after I get all my appointments and errands done,
I am either a)coming home to take a nap, or b)coming home to do some much-needed sewing.

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