Christmas Day (and other notables)

I thought maybe it was too late to post Christmas pictures, but NieNie just posted some two days ago. So, I'm following her example, stealing her title post, and posting the very little pictures that I took. I took more video, and I'll try to get that up, but not guaranteeing anything at this point.

As usual, Joe was supposed to work on Christmas day. However, his partner wanted overtime so he took the calls in the morning, and Joe was going to go in later that day. He never did!!! It was nice to have him home the evening before to help be Santa Claus. This was his first real Santa Claus experience getting the presents ready, cookies and milk out, and sending the kids to bed. The kids really enjoyed him staying home all day also. They kept asking if he had to go to work. It was a relaxing day spent in 'jamas with Daddy home!!!

Yes, Joci has a boo-boo under her right eye. She was playing on the laundry basket, and fell and whacked her cheek with it.

Other notables that have happened lately:

1. We purchased an older mini-van with cash. We still have no vehicle payments. Yay for the Dave Ramsey plan!!!!!
2. We (or should I say I) have been planning Byron's Batman birthday party!!
3. Joci had a rough, tiring transition back to school the first week after Christmas break. It was like the first week of school.
4. Rylan's hair is growing in and his appearance is changing so much! Pictures to come later.
5. School was cancelled one day this week due to snow and slick roads!! I think that is a first for this area.
6. It has been down-right freezing in the mornings taking Joci to school. I'm talking -20 degree weather. I have to say I'm looking forward to Spring.

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