Tonya's Bargains 8

This was from early last week.
I still have more coming.
I use my "blow money" for my purchases.
(Joe and I are alloted a certain amount of money each month for fun or extra stuff, which we call our "blow money")

Pillowcase cover (using in the home) $1.00

Vintage flat sheet and pillowcase (going to use for sewing and quilts) $1.00

Canine first aid kit (for Tiller's) $1.00

Thread $0.25
Zipper $0.25
Embroidery hoop $0.25
2 things of lace $0.50
Pink curling ribbon $0.25
Beige beaded trim $0.50
Metallic silver cording $0.25

Vintage 1970's Thermos in excellent condition (displaying in my studio for now) $0.25

Basket (using for storage in the studio) $0.25

Wooden stand thingy (going to spray paint & either use or resell) $0.25

Candle holder (have spray painted & going to resell) $0.50

Sassy Diaper sack container - brand new $0.25

2 new pairs of slipper socks (these are going to be great in the winter on our floors) Retails for $10.00 a pair but I only paid $0.25 a pair!!

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  1. I wish they had a shop like that in our area. You have some great deals!


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