Little Bits of Life 19

1. Little R is a climber. He is now climbing on the kitchen chairs and getting onto the table. He was sitting in the middle of the table yesterday morning.

2. We have not accomplished a single thing today. Well, other than attending MOPS this morning, and eating lunch with Daddy. Other than that, nothing.

3. My house is a mess. When is it not ever a mess?

4. B always wants to go, go, go somewhere. He did not want to come home after lunch with Daddy. He wanted to go to the junk store!!! My kind of man--but I declined him because I didn't have my cash with me. Maybe next week.

5. Today was picture day for J!! She wanted to wear her hair down with a bobby pin to hold her bangs up. Not that they are long or anything, but maybe too long for her. Who knows?

6. It's going to be a lazy weekend around here with lots of cleaning going on!

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