Tonya's Bargains 5

It has been a long while since I have posted some of my thrifty bargains.

Sack of wooden letters (lots of B's and a couple of R's) $2.00
White bowl .50 cents
Glass bowl .50 cents
Tang jar .25 cents
Camera for the kids to use in the playroom .50 cents
Orange basket .25 cents
Suede/fur-looking basket to use in the playroom .75 cents
House number to use for a project .50 cents
Finished needlework that I'm going to turn into a pillow .50 cents
TOTAL = $5.75

The Tang jar deserves a picture all of it's own. It is glass, and has markings on the back. You can barely see them in this picture. The line on the bottom says "Fill Tang to here" and the line on the top says "Add water to here". I remember my grandma Faye making Tang for us when we would visit!!! I have no idea how old the jar is; Mom said "It's as old as your Dad." I think I'm going to use it for a vase to hold some fresh flowers.

This is what the jar is currently holding--Byron's snake. He told me it's a Halloween decoration.

***Some of these thrifty finds, such as my bowls and baskets, will probably be sold as we are unloading a lot of our items in the house. More on that later; maybe tomorrow.***

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