Little Bits of Life 15

Where shall I start?

1. The house is a complete disaster. I was hoping to be able to stay home all day today and clean away, but I looked at the calendar and we have way too many activities going on. At 10:00 we walk at the park; at 1:00 Byron has open house for preschool, and at 7:00 I have a book club meeting. Maybe it will get done on Saturday and Sunday.

2. I have been starting my Christmas shopping already. I also have lists of items that I need to buy before Christmas. And, I have a looooooong list of items that need made before Christmas. I need to get started.

3. I have tons of pictures, around 300 or more, that need uploaded to the computer so that I can blog about them.

4. It is 66 degrees here right now (10:04 pm on Thursday evening), but tomorrow it will not be that cool. Saturday is supposed to be a high of 97. Yuck! At least the kids will be able to enjoy Rylan's new birthday present, a water table. Fall can't come soon enough!!!

5. This girl is getting big!!! She now weighs 40 lbs!!! Wowzers!!!!!!

6. I took the kids to a puppet show today at the children's museum. It was cute; Rylan even enjoyed it.

7. Skank kitty, aka Patches, still has ringworm. He made another trip to the vet and returned with more medicine for another $50 bill. This medicine does seem to be clearing him up though.

8. The kids had fun while we were in Colorado. The zoo was hot, and the aquarium was busy. Joci liked the aquarium the best because of the mermaids (more on that later)!!!

9. We plan on going back to Colorado to see Thomas and friends in September.

10. Nickelodeon Storytime Live is here in September also, but I believe Joe will back in KS that weekend. I guess we'll have to catch it next time.

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  1. Wow you are SuperMOM!
    Love your blog, keep up the good work.


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