That Darn Cat.....

You may remember this post about Pete.

We couldn't do it!!
Pete was all packed up and made the trip to KS with us.
I had already made the appointment with the vet on Friday to put him down.

Throughout the week, Pete wasn't himself.
He was walking fine, not hobbling around as usual.
He was being lovey-dovey with the kids and us.
He was out in the open laying on the bed.
Pete acted as if he was a healthy normal cat.

Joe and I talked and we just couldn't put the old man down.
It didn't feel right.

Earlier in the days, after watching "Marley and Me", I had a talk with Pete.
Basically, I talked, and hopefully he listened.
Our talk consisted of a conversation similar to the following:

Me: stroking Pete's fur "Pete, you're going to let me know when it's time. Right?"
Pete: Saying nothing, of course, just laying there enjoying his one-on-one attention.
Me: "I don't want you to have to suffer. So, you're going to give me a sign, okay."

Well, I guess I got my sign.
He's not ready.
Not yet, anyways.

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