One of those days....

Today has been one of those days.

There are clothes to be washed.
I did four loads just yesterday.

The dishwasher needs to be started.

The floors need to be swept once again.
The floors always need to be swept.

The floors need to be mopped once again.
The floors always need to be mopped.

Rylan has not taken his morning nap nor his afternoon nap for that matter.
It is now 1:39 pm.
Now, I have to figure out when I am going to exercise since Rylan's not napping.

Today, I saw some photos of my Grandfather, whom passed away 6 months ago.
I still miss him, and now I'm sad.
(Just goes with the grieving process.)

There is toothpaste all over the bathroom countertop.
There is always toothpaste all over the bathroom countertop.

Byron has let the dog run loose in the house three times today.
She is uncontrollable.
She likes to jump and lick and bulldoze anyone or anything in her way.

Everyone is always hungry.
Especially that new little no-name kitty.

I still have a pile of clothes that need put away from our last trip.
When was that? 2 weeks ago?

Joci and Byron are always fighting.

The downstairs is a mess.
I just cleaned it yesterday.

The kids have yet another stain on the newly shampooed carpets.
I yelled at them.
Told them there was going to be no more food downstairs ever.

No one listens to me.

I hate my husband's new job.
Okay, maybe not the job, but the long hours required of him to be at work away from our family.

I have a million projects on my to-do list.
I can't even finish one of them.
Which means I can't get anything listed in my shop to sell.
Which means my husband will have to continue working these longer hours until my sales start rocketing (which I'm counting on Lord).

My studio aka laundry room/sewing room/scrapbooking room now smells like cat doo.
I need to change the litter box.
That's Petey's new place to stay until he kicks the bucket or I can find a better room for him.
Maybe the bathroom downstairs.
No, we didn't end up putting him down, that's another post coming soon.

I am still trying to put away garage sale stuff to take to the Rape and Domestic Abuse Shelter and the homeless shelter. (I just finished this task this evening!)

The garden seriously needs some weeding done.
I'm not even sure I can call it a garden now.

I haven't watched TV in forever. Is that correct grammar?
Why do we even pay for cable television?

So, I am giving up on today.

I decided to finally take myself a bath after Rylan fell asleep.

For snack, Byron wanted caramel syrup (topping used for ice cream).
I gave in.

I did not clean nor mop the floors as I had planned on doing.

I did not exercise today.

For dinner, Byron had a sandwich at 4:00 pm.
Everyone else ate later.
Joci had yogurt and popcorn, and Rylan had ravoli's.
We did not sit down at the dinner table and eat together.

It was not a good day.
Hoping tomorrow will be better.


  1. Bravo for posting this. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one. Tomorrow WILL improve.

  2. Life is 2 short to worry about those floors and with 3 kids its ok to have stains. Its normal for siblings to fight and remember its ok if you dont exercise today. Remember this: Your a great mom and out of one bad day you end up with many many happy ones. You end up with 3kids that love you lots and a husband that thinks your the best. That bath that you took was very much needed. Sometimes our days dont go as planned but we are thankful that we have many more a head of us. I love and miss you dearly. I miss the walks we use to take, the talks we use to talk and the daycare we use to have. Your a great mom and a very busy one. Everyday you are making memories that your kids will tell on forever.
    Love and Miss you, keep up the great work and continue taking breaks for yourself. I know its hard for you but remember your the solid foundation of that happy home, take care of yourself.


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