Park Fun

Here are the pics from us at the park on Sunday. This was Rylan's first time in the swing, and as you can tell he loved it!!!

I didn't get many of Joci and Byron, as they were running all over the place.

Once again the pics were taken on the Blackberry, so some are funky-looking.

These two down below have to be my favorites. If only I could figure out how to clear them up a bit.

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  1. How sweet to see Byron smiling!!
    Once again you are a great mom and I want to say an early "Happy Mothers Day" to you. You are truly a great hands on mom and you care about your kids so very very much. You are one of those moms who i think would be great with up to 5 or even 8 kids. You have such a big heart and you do a great job!!


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