Little Bits of Life 5

1. It has been cloudy, cold, and rainy all week long. We've had the heat off for about a week now.

2. My tulips are up---very sparse, but they're blooming. Next fall I'm going to add some more bulbs to them (I haven't planted any. These were planted from the previous owners). Of course, I have been saying that I'm going to plant some more every year.

3. Joe hates dandelions. They seem to be multiplying by the 100s in our yard. On the other hand, Joci loves them!!!!

4. I have so much laundry to do that I don't even want to start on it. I did 4 loads yesterday, and swear I have 15 more to do. I'm not quite sure why I just can't do a load or two a day and be done with it. I swear I have 3 large baskets (hamper-style) full, and then the large pile on the floor in the basement. Not kidding!!!

5. Byron is allergic to Claritin----well, actually not Claritin, but something in the chewable tablet (possibly starch, corn syrup; we're really not sure at this point).

6. Rylan wants held every second of the day. He can't even be put down in the same room with me without screaming his lungs out. No wonder he isn't crawling!!

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