Doctor Vist Again

Are you seriously getting sick of me posting about our doctor's visits? Well, I am too---we have had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year with illnesses. I thought that maybe we were done until maybe next fall. Nah, not us!

Rylan had to go back this week. His antibiotics for his sinusitis was not working; he had a fever one evening of 102 degrees. He was put on a z-pac that we had to double up with his amoxicillin. No problem---he's had a z-pac before. Fast forward 3 days later (today), and he wakes up with a rash all over his belly and his back. Doesn't look like hives, looks like chicken pox without the blisters. So, I start getting concerned because every time he is sick with a fever the doctors ask if he has a rash anywhere. I call and make an appointment. The doctor's office calls back to reschedule because they want us to see the doctor and not the PA. So, again, I'm getting a little more concerned. Back to the doctor we went today. Thankfully, it was only an allergic reaction to the medicine. The doctor called it a "dry" reaction.

Byron was also seen because he is developing a rash. The doctor thought that his might be irritation to snaps/buttons from his pajamas. He didn't have many spots, but since then he is getting more. Byron started Claritin this week for his allergies. He may be allergic to the Claritin. We are going to take him off of it for a couple of days, and then start again to see if that is what is causing the rash. I'll let you know.

Thanks for letting me vent,

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