Is it ever going to end?

Back to the doctor we went today. This guy is not feeling well, and let me tell you, he is grouchy, grouchy, grouchy. He has a sinus infection, as I suspected. I'm getting pretty good at diagnosing my kids' medical problems--now if I could only write scripts to save us the doctor's visit. We came home with some high-powered, high-dollar antibiotics. He should be feeling better real soon. Now, the next challenge is going to be able to get him to take the medicine for the full 10 days.

And, Joe got looked at also. He has some sinus issues going on with a double ear infection. Maybe after 10 days, he'll actually be able to hear me!!!


  1. How do you have corn?!? Just an old picture to tease us? :)

  2. It is an old picture, but we still have some corn frozen from last year that we need to get eaten up!!


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