Our Mornings

Lately, it seems that most mornings, the kids have been drinking smoothies for breakfast. We make our own from frozen fruit, a cup or a little more of orange juice, a fresh banana, and a couple of tablespoons of powdered milk.

These are 2 cups that the kids just had to have from the thrift store. They were only a quarter. I'm glad I let them buy the cups now; they work really well for our morning smoothies.

Mr. R's breakfast---yes, he does eat every single bit of that cereal. Although I keep trying, he won't eat his baby food. He sure does love his cereal though. I've even tried to be sneaky and mix his cereal with bananas or applesauce or pears, and he sure has some good taste buds because he catches on real quick. Once he realizes it's not just cereal, he closes his lips and locks them tight!!!

My little breakfast drink to get me going! Do you see I switched from regular Pepsi to Diet Coke? I am loving Diet Coke! Not the healthiest drink though.



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