four month checkup

Little man had his 4 month check this month.
weight = 12.1 lbs.
height = 24 1/2"

In weight, he is only in the 25%tile. Doctor said he is gaining weight, just not as much as he would like him to be. I think he is just going to be a little guy like his big sister. I mean, honestly, he was a little guy when he was born!! The doctor wants us to wait until he is 5 months to start him on cereal. He explained that once he starts eating solids his calorie intake declines. Not sure how he is in the 25%tile, as he looks like a little chunky monkey. He has chubby cheeks, a double chin, and little fat rolls on his thighs. I think he's going through another growing spurt; he's eating about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours again!!

"Mom, stop taking pictures and pick me up!"

Yes, that is a fudge-sicle stick on the metal blue chair (which is supposed to be outside). No editing on these pics--you get the real deal.


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