Storm Damage

Here are some pictures of the storm damage we had this past week. Not much, but enough to make you sick thinking of the money that we spent on the plants and flowers. Joe called about 11:15 pm and told me to get the kids to the basement. I had just gotten to sleep, and was like "Why?". He told me we were in a tornado watch and the weather service had spotted one nearby and the sirens were going off; I could then hear them out the bedroom window. I couldn't get Joci awake to walk down the stairs, so I had to carry her down to the basement; laid her on the couch, went back up to get Byron. I made a little bed in the stairwell; in case, we should need to go in there. Probably should have, but did not want to wake them up. They both laid on the couch sleeping right through the storm, while I sat in the recliner watching the news.

Our potato plants--good news though--looks like they are coming out of it!!!

The driveway full of leaves from our tree and the neighbor's tree.

Tomato plant stalk--the tomatoes were doing great--one is possibly a survivor.

A glimpse of the flowers that were supposed to be in this basket--now in the trash. All of my flowers except one plant hanging under the eaves were hit.

The kids' slide blew quite a distance--it was between the apple trees sitting upright.


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