Omaha Vacation

We just returned from a short vacation to the Omaha Zoo and Children's Musuem. We met family on Saturday, then headed to the zoo. Joe and I were worn out by ends day, as well as Byron.

At one point in the day was wishing someone would pull me in the wagon!! They sure would get their workout!

Joci sitting on the cats!

Byron looking at the elephants with Daddy standing by!

They both loved the fire section of the Omaha Children's Museum. Byron would not get off of the fire truck; was climbing all over it.

Joci's favorite seemed to be the grocery area; as it is at our museum in town. She loves to fill the shopping carts to the max!!

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  1. Of course she would have to get a picture with the cats!! How cool! Your kids are gonna have so many many memories!! Keep up the good work on being great parents!!
    Love and Miss U!!


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