Gymnastics Performance

Joci had her gymnastics performance last week. Cute, but too long to sit through. All performers received a trophy; isn't that how it should be? She was so excited to get that trophy. "It's purple, like purple(referring to her cat)." After performing, she actually went up to the table, took a trophy off, and came running towards us. Some ladies in front of us said, "Look at that little girl. She just took a trophy off the table." Of course, we didn't have the camera ready for that one!! We had to tell her to go put it back on the table, and she was going to have to wait until her name was called.

Getting in line with the other participants.

Byron watching his big sister!

Starting her front roll (aka somersault).

Receiving her trophy--not sure how to stop the blurry pics with the new camera; bear with me!

Joci holding her trophy--not wanting to give a good shot in any of the pics.

Lots of pics---hopefully to come later this week!!


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