Tonya's Bargains 1

The kids and I went to our regular thrift stores today!!! Sometimes it is a challenge to take them with me, sometimes not. After gymnastics, we went to the Dollar Tree-purchased some suckers, and a few other things. Then we went to lunch at Quizno's, and headed off to the thrift stores-was just going to attempt one, but they were so good, we went to the second one. Here's all the great finds--plus a few others not pictured (like read-along books for the kids, maternity shorts, baby doll bed, and a game and yardstick for Byron). He had to have the yardstick--"my tool"; whatever makes him happy-that's not a battle worth fighting over!!

I'm going to use the scrabble tiles and marbles for "I Spy" bags for the kids--Christmas projects. The empty frames are all wood--going to use those for my stitcheries for my etsy shop. The zinc lid is for a jar that I will find something to put in; going to have to do something with the gold frame for the far picture on the left; the knick-knack shelf-I have no idea what is going to go in it, or where it is going, just liked it. Our Aunt Liz has one, a larger one, and I love how she has all sorts of items displayed in it. I'm sure I will fill it up one day.

Did I mention I got it all for $16.00?

Love to all,


  1. Im so jealous that i could not have been there with you!! U know the kids get better and better at shopping with you. They'll remember going to these stores and flea markets!! Your a great mom!! Love and miss u!!

  2. That is some good stuff Tonya! (excuse the English)Joci and Byron will remeber these days. Randy takes Trey almost every Sat. or Sun. during the winter months. Byron is ALL boy! Keep up the good blog. Love you, A. Liz

  3. Those pictures are so awesome!! Wish I could find some around here. See ya in a couple of days. Love ya.


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