Lent has arrived, and just this morning I have decided what I am going to abstain from. During past Lenten seasons, I have abstained from candy, chocolate or soda. Some of the ideas were bit too easy...not much of a sacrifice for me.

So, as I sat at the computer just this morning, I came to my conclusion that I am giving this up for Lent. Remember this post here. I am not going to read the 32 blogs daily, or at all!!! This little task is going to be harder than what it may seem for some of you---I truly am addicted to my little blogs and their families (I even bring them up in conversation with Joe, like he knows who I'm talking about). I'm hoping that after all is said and done with, that I can decrease my little list even further down. It is now at 25 blogs because I have actually deleted some from my list.

Now, don't get hysterical on me. I am going to continue updating our family blog during Lent, but I will not read any other blogs during this period. So, for your viewing and pleasure....I have left you a short list of blogs that you might enjoy, and please don't tell me something exciting is going on at their blogs---it is going to be difficult enough for me.

"A Wink and a Smile"---a Catholic stay-at-home mommy to 5 girls

Never a Dull Moment--- a stay-at-home mommy with rheumatoid arthritis, and 3 girls, (one with born with Dandy-Walker brain malformation) who writes about their daily amusements; also a Catholic mommy

NieNie Dialogues---a stay-at-home mommy to four children; Stephanie is currently recovering from a near fatal plane crash which her husband and herself were involved in

One shabby chick---a quilting momma living in Hawaii

matt, liz, and madeline---a widowed dad raising his young daughter writing of the pain, grief, and uplifting moments of their daily life; WARNING...some of his blog entries do contain bad words

Enjoy reading!!!

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  1. You're tough. Seriously. Thanks for giving me a link. Enjoy your Lent--I think you'll be amazed by the new ways the Holy Spirit will fill your days.


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